At 06:27 PM 6/15/2004 +0800, Johnson wrote:

>Nothing unexpected here.  You cannot use EMM386 with a program which is
>(badly) written so as to not work under virtual 8086 mode.  Use HIMEM only.

IMHO, device drivers is so IMPORTANT.
The manufacturer should maximum the stability and compatibility!

I agree, but what can you do? It doesn't work; it won't ever work. The driver was written to be fundamentally incompatible with EMM386's environment.

I thought about writing my own DOS-portable USB disk driver since it doesn't look monstrously difficult, the test hardware is cheap, and the necessary documentation appears to be available, but I can't afford the time for another free project.

It would be "nice" to have an adaptable open source USB disk driver. SourceForge search turns up nothing really on the mark, closest are Linux-based utilities that do things which aren't exactly what is needed.

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