I want to port a 8051 C compiler to FreeDOS/DOS. It`s the sdcc compiler,
you can find the sources on sdcc.sourceforge.net. 
The code compiles on Linux, Unix, MacOSX, Windows ..but I didn`t find a
DOS port, so I think it would be a benefit to have a working DOS
version, because a lot of MCu people are using DOS as a second OS

Until now, I didn`t look at the sources, but I guess there is no GUI
stuff or extraordinary Libs needed. So I hope I can compile it with
DJGPP or Turbo C. What do you think? Which compiler should I try to work
with these unix based sources? 
I don`t know much about FreeDOS C programming, but I cannot use the
makefile, can I? 
Has anyone a clue, which compiler switches are required?

Greetings Karim 

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