in good tradition with modern software project releases,
the release of the final Beta9 distribution has been postponed one or two weeks. It was planned for today, see the freedos.org website for the reason of this planning :)

There's not that much work to do (packages have been updated, improvements have been made) but I need some more time to write additional documentation and to test things more thoroughly.

If any of the developers has programs ready for release, please do so,
which allows me to put them in the distribution.
I'm very interested in the following packages:
*official 1.12 EMM386/HIMEM package.
*improved FreeCOM, including sources (I sent in some bugreports today)
 hopefully a "FreeCOM 0.82-patchlevel4" release :)
*DOSFSCK with working FAT32
*DEFRAG with working (or completely disabled) FAT32 support
*DEBUG with working FAT32 support (official version this time)
*SYS with various suggested improvement ideas.

I'm without any internet connection until next week, so here's a part of the improvements:

*updated kernel to 2035
*updated packages
*moved FDISK procedure to beginning, to reduce installation time.
*improved harddisk/partition detection
*diskette installation finally possible after 2 years.
 it uses temporary files on disk however :(
*installation from another location is now possible.
 This means you can copy the contents of the cd image to your harddisk,
 then use the bootdisk, and point to the harddisk location of your
 FreeDOS files.
 mounting an ISO file as a virtual cd also works, but the cdrom (SHSUCD*
 package) programs do not support the needed DOS calls, and are
 still 386+ only.

thank you for your time,

Bernd Blaauw

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