Jacobs Shannon wrote:
I heard about FreeDOS from the recent Slashdot thread,
so I wanted to check it out. However, after reading
various FAQs and overviews on the Web site, I couldn't
find answers to my questions, and decided to ask this
way. Even where part of the answer existed, I couldn't
tell if it applied in my specific situation... (For
example, regarding FCBs.)

Not sure how well FCB support works. I should try doing stuff with Jim Lopushinsky's CP/M emulator as a test. I would suppose it should work.

My objective is to continue using an ancient dBase II
application that I wrote many years ago. Yes, I really
should port it to a newer system, but it involves
quite a number of modules, and I've just been winging
it in various kinds of DOS windows over the years, but
it's gradually getting more and more difficult, so I'm
curious if FreeDOS might offer an easy solution.

The first question regards compatibility of FreeDOS
with ancient dBase II. Is there anyone who can speak
to this issue? (FCB support is only one of the

Comment above (I'm not sure)

The second question is the most convenient way to
access it from Windows XP. I do have a machine
configured with a dual boot (BootMagic) and a small
FAT partition, but what would make it really
convenient would be if I could just run FreeDOS in
some kind of emulation window. I couldn't even get a
clear hint as to whether this might be possible.

Bochs or QEMU... both open-source. http://bochs.sf.net/ for Bochs.


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