El mié, 07-07-2004 a las 04:21, Bernd Blaauw escribió:
> Aitor Santamaría Merino schreef:
> > Good! It just occurs to me that you could add a single line into the 
> > readme file (if you haven't done it already) for dummy users like 
> > myself and say: "thou shall not rename APPEND.EXE" ;-)
> why (not) ?
> or is an incorrect program name then entered into memory?
> for a MEM /C /P for example then:
> expected usage: append.exe --> APPEND
> incorrect usage: app.exe --> APP
> wanted usage:   app.exe --> APPEND
> in other words, name of driver should always be APPEND, despite filename 
> of the APPEND utility.

It is. The problem that Aitor mentions is that if you rename APPEND to
APP and are not aware that the installed command is still APPEND, the
second time you run APP you'll get "APPEND already installed".


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