Paul Berger wrote:
On Wed, 2004-07-07 at 07:44, Jacobs Shannon wrote:

I'm a little confused here, but I think I'm the OP on
the dBase II question, and I just wanted to thank
y'all for the information I've received so far. It
looks like the best avenue to explore just now is the
DOS emulator, and if that doesn't work, I'll try to
configure an additional boot with FreeDOS.

Sorry, some of the replies have been a bit technical, and judging from
the responses nobody on the list has first hand experience running DBASE
II under freedos so I guess the recommendation is to just try it and
report back on success/failure.

If you don't want to setup dual-booting the advise is to use a
commercial product like VMWARE ( to run an emulated PC on
XP where you run FreeDOS and your application.  A couple of free/open
source alternatives are and  I have not tried any of the above applications
so I can't say much about them other than they have worked for some

Another open-source emulator, QEMU, is nice in my testing. (It's what I used to get Windows 3.1 up on FreeDOS, because it's so fast. It works on dynamic recompilation.)


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