At 10:43 AM 7/8/04 +0200, you wrote:
>In Bochs you are correct, as Scandisk gave me no errors anymore.
> I hope I did not encounter a strange Vmware problem.

You might think this a weird and unorthodox thing to say. Maybe you could
try rebooting immediately after the format at least once to see if it
changes anything. I'd be curious. I know it's a long shot but it would only
take a minute to try.

Anyway, I moved data from the E: and FORMATTED it with FreeDOS. I did
everything this time under MS-DOS to make things faster. 

I'm glad that our tests are corresponding in completely different
environments. Too bad I don't have a really big drive to test. 

                              Disk Doctor
                      Norton Utilities for Win95 
                         July  8, 2004 4:04am

                       *  Report for Drive E:  *

                              DISK TOTALS
           2,146,584,576 bytes Total Disk Space
               3,442,688 bytes in 25 User Files
                  20,480 bytes in 3 Directories
           2,143,121,408 bytes available on the disk

                       LOGICAL DISK INFORMATION
                   Media Descriptor:  F8
                    Large Partition:  Yes
                           FAT Type:  32-bit
                      Total Sectors:  4,208,967
                     Total Clusters:  1,048,137
                   Bytes Per Sector:  512
                Sectors Per Cluster:  4
                  Bytes Per Cluster:  2,048
                     Number of FATs:  2
                First Sector of FAT:  36
          Number of Sectors Per FAT:  8,190
          First Cluster of Root Dir:  2
     Number of Clusters in Root Dir:  8
          First Sector of Data Area:  16,416

                       PHYSICAL DISK INFORMATION
                       Drive Number:  80
                              Heads:  15
                          Cylinders:  13,328
                  Sectors Per Track:  63
                      Starting Head:  1
                  Starting Cylinder:  8,874
                    Starting Sector:  1
                        Ending Head:  14
                    Ending Cylinder:  13,327
                      Ending Sector:  63

                          SYSTEM AREA STATUS
                     No errors in the system area

                         FILE STRUCTURE STATUS
                    No errors in the file structure

                           FREE SPACE STATUS
                  No errors in the free cluster count

                          SURFACE TEST STATUS
                      Surface Test not performed

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