> Okay.  I've added FDSHIELD to the 'base' list:
> http://www.freedos.org/freedos/software/lsm.cgi?q=d&a=base

Note that FDSHIELD is a small subset of VSAFE functionality:
VSAFE also does checksum monitoring for executables (criticized
because "one database per drive, database can be stored on other,
readonly, drive" would have been better) and signature scanning
(signatures of usually 12-16 bytes, so you can imagine that VSAFE
which is < 64k does not contain too many of them, and it only
scans the initial N bytes of each file) on file access.

For checksums, you can md5sum or otherwise fingerprint your
files with free tools. That will not give you a "check on open", though.
For signatures, you can use the free http://www.ClamAV.net/ - the
command line scanner ClamScan has been ported to DOS (proof-of-concept
DJGPP compile by the author of aPack) but nobody seems to use it.
I assume that most people just use other OSes with better disk and
memory management to scan faster, no matter which scanner they use.
I do not think that many people ever wanted an MSAV clone :-P. Free
for personal use: www.free-av.de / free in the DOS version: www.f-prot.com
(just to mention a few).

Another problem is: What should be BASE? How close does it have to
model MS? MSAV / VSAFE are a typical example: MS bought them somewhere
between MS DOS 5 and 6.xx, did some branding, and sold them as part of
MS DOS. Other examples are probably BACKUP/RESTORE, SCANDISK, DEFRAG,

They also tried to include DBLSPACE/..., but finally ended up including
a clone of what they originally wanted to use, due to license problems.
I think it would be an idea to MOVE some of those originally
third-party tools from BASE to UTIL. This would give us more
freedom in designing their workings and user interface ;-).

PS from the LSM:
>  a virus shield that attempts to protect your system from naughty programs (replaces 
Not really. It is not a virus shield. It is a shield which protects you from
unwanted activity of your software, like going resident or modifying boot
sectors. This also helps you detecting and stopping viruses, but the only
special antivirus function of FDSHIELD is detecting attempts to disable classic
antivirus software like TBAV or VSAFE - several "clever" viruses do that.
However, there is no virus signature database in FDSHIELD, nor checksum
protection of binaries, so do not confuse FDSHIELD with real virus protection.
Neither should you confuse MSAV or VSAFE with real virus protection...!
There are now 70-80k viruses, and back when "MS" AV / VSAFE were released
(1993) there were only a tiny fraction of that number. Of course most of todays
viruses require Windows or at least MS Office to run :-).
Suggested new description line:
> malware action blocker and warner, helps to reduce virus activity on your DOS
You can still mention VSAFE in the keyword list if you want.


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