Just install FreeDOS and you will notice which programs have message
catalog files :-) For my system:

> ls nls
choice.de  diskcopy.de  find.es  help.de      localize.en  pause.en    sort.en
choice.en  diskcopy.en  find.hu  help.en      more.de      runtime.de  sort.es
choice.hu  diskcopy.nl  find.it  help.hu      more.en      runtime.en  sort.lv
choice.lv  fc.en        find.lv  help.lv      more.hu      runtime.hu  sort.nl
choice.nl  fc.it        find.nl  help.ru      more.lv      runtime.lv  trch.en
choice.ru  find.de      find.ru  htmlhelp.en  more.nl      runtime.ru  tree.en
choice.sv  find.en      find.sv  localize.de  more.sv      sort.de     tree.es

Programs which are translated in another way are:
- FreeCOM (you can download a translation toolkit version of it), the shell
- CuteMouse (you can compile various localized/translated versions of it

I think NO other programs are prepared for compile-time translation. If I am
wrong here, please tell on the list "Hey Eric, program ??? does support some
translations. For that, you have to do ???".

EDIT has a "compiled" help file (notice that 0.7a and 0.81 may have completely
different kinds of bugs, still waiting for 0.82 to be a "best of both"... or
maybe somebody try using following hint to create 0.7b:
        EDIT ->  memmove(Buf+recptr+i+j, Buf+recptr+i+1,rmax-i-j);
        better than strcpy(Buf+recptr+i+j, Buf+recptr+i+1); edit.c 473
...), and HELP uses a ZIP with many HTML files. I think translating both help
databases (of EDIT and HELP) will be quite useful but also a lot of work.
There already is an ongoing effort to write a German version of HELP data.


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