19-Июл-2004 03:12 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Eric Auer) wrote to

EA> is at best simplistic (okay, ClamAV ClamScan is not ;-)),
EA> our HIMEM does not load parts of itself to HMA,

     FD-HIMEM under FreeDOS uses 2.03k of low memory, MS-HIMEM - 47.8k. Ant
this is not much more, than 1.14k of MS-HIMEM under MS-DOS.

EA> make HIMEM load part of itself to HMA (by the way, EMM386 could conceivably
EA> move itself to UMB...),

     FD-EMM386 uses 2.54k of low memory. MS-EMM386 uses 3.04k of low memory
plus 5.15k (14Ah para) hidden from UMB.

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