Hi, a FreeDOS user found two nice (closed source) freeware programs:

FileMaven - a file manager (one window on the left, one on the right,
drop down menu with hotkey control, text mode, 25 or 50 lines) with
support for some archives (ZIP...), encryption and: A file transfer
module! You can run one instance in "host mode" and then open a
connection from another FileMaven on another PC. Transfer uses serial
or parallel link cables (wiring instructions included). Given that
several people have asked for things like LapLink, InterSvr/InterLnk,
..., I would recommend that we link this from our links page and/or
mention it at some other place on the site. Can be downloaded e.g.
from SimTel, category MSDOS fileutil, file fmav35a dot zip :-).

Note that InterSvr/InterLnk is different: InterLnk can be started on
a DOS PC (FreeDOS compatible, it seems) and makes a remove drive letter
visible as a local drive letter (if there is no connection, there is
no "disk in drive"). InterSvr, on the other hand, can probably run in
the background and offers drive letters for remote access by InterLnk
clients. InterSvr always seems to crash in FreeDOS, it probably relies
too much on MS DOS internals. However, you will only have those tools
if you have at least one MS DOS box anyway... FileMaven offers no
globally available "remote drive letter", you can only access the remote
drives from within FileMaven itself, and only offer remote access while
running the host module of FileMaven.

Another good way to transfer data to/from DOS computers is FTP (there
even is a SERVER for FTP: EzNos does HTTP and FTP and ...), but even
better is SCP / SFTP (use the SSHDOS or SSH2DOS SourceForge projects).
SCP is safer but requires a SSH server, and I know no DOS SCP server.
Still useful if you have a DOS box in a network which contains a SSH server.
SCP uses TCP/IP internet, so you can use it either with LSPPP (dialup,
but probably also SLIP!?) or a packet driver (for your LAN card, which
you can have connected e.g. to your external cable / ADSL modem, or to
a normal hub / switch / router...). There even is a DOS router projects,
the Internet Extender :-). It fits on one floppy (okay, Linux can do that, too).

Second program: CHK-SAFE. A simple but small and working implementation of
a tool which displays the md5sum of the files mentioned on the command line
(wildcards allowed, but has a bug: tries to access A: if none of the command
line mentioned files exist!?). Only 16k download, cs261.zip, same SimTel
category. Displays date as "year after 1900", so 2004 is displayed as 104.
Is that a bug or a feature? X-). FileMaven, by the way, is 150-200k download
and after installation (the .dat is an LHA-SFX, I think) and UPXing of the
binaries it takes about 175k on your disk. Very nice: Small and free.

If you know other (e.g. better, smaller, open source...) programs
which implement md5sum or file transfer over serial / parallel / LAN
link cable, please let us know.


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