Hi Jim, Aitor,
my local list is indeed NOT the list which I suggested to upload.
(to fd-doc)
I suggested uploading the most recent list which Aitor had sent in
a ZIP to Bernd and me, alledgedly because it was meant for eventual

My own list is not intended to replace the official list:
- there is request for feedback directly to me, although the
  gained information from such feedback might ultimately be useful
  for the official list as well
- the list gives a quick overview of post-1.0 issues but links to
  the official post-1.0 list for detailled information. So it is
  not similar to the official 1.0 list, which, to avoid clobbering
  the list, is a nice and short list of only the 1.0 version TODOs.
- my list suggests very "MS-dissimilar" and even closed source
  intermediate solutions for things which might be eventually
  replaced by official FreeDOS programs for version 1.0 or 2.0
  (intention: let people know how they can do most of the things
  which MS/PC DOS 6.xx/7 (or 2000) can do, using free software,
  without having to wait for complete support in FreeDOS itself).
  This means that I might even add information about USB or PCMCIA
  or BASH/PERL at some point, which is clearly beyond the manifesto.

So yes, there is SOME kind of fork, but it is not meant to supersede
the official list.
If the official updates by Aitor are online (I assumed that Aitor waits
either for Bernd to do that or for you to confirm the changes? Otherwise
I think he could upload them himself) then things would look more consistent
in a way, but my wish is to have BOTH lists online - mine here and the
official one at fd-doc. Compare to configuration guides: Kernel download
includes one, I have a file with two commented sample configurations online,
but still you put a special FreeDOS for Gamers site online. That is no
"irritating fork" of my sample configuration either ;-).

I admit that some motivation to create my own list was taken from the
fact that I had seen updates from Aitor in my mail but not online, so
yes, there is some "tickling" in terms of "just upload it for all instead
of mailing it to at most 5 people", but this was not supposed to open a
"fork war of TODO lists". And again, my list differs from the official
list in important points, some of which disqualify it from replacing the
official list - which is not what my list was created for anyway.


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