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Hi! Ranting on...

Bad news.

Eric, you say your list is not to replace the official, then why you do it? why, being over 70 bugs, do you waste your time (and mine) in creating such a list?

I claim that my list actually saves me some time: I can annotate things
there, while doing so would often be misplaced on the official list.


Examples: Mention of ClamAV, FileMaven, fdshield, DOSFSCK...,

I would think that it is much simpler that you create a page named "The non-FreeDOS DOS programs that Eric finds cool!", and not confuse users with creating an extra TODO list.

mention of exact interrupt function which is missing, mention of implications
and workarounds for problems.

Ok, I am for a compromise solution. Use footnotes, or better, create a web page "Eric's additional notes for the comprehensive reader" where you have a table with additional verbose notes for each utility, and I link that page from there "Please read here if you want to know more".

Respect to the list consulting and posting: the list is updated weekly (what a remedy! read below) in my hard drive, and latest edit is always available via mail.

I suggest doing a weekly sync between your harddisk and the online official list.

Sorry, first of all it is not in my hands. But secondly, I cannot force a person work for FreeDOS more than he/she is able to volunteer. This is a project where we all use our spare time. Thirdly, my apologies, but the update rate that you usually keep is insane. I am flooded with this (and would prefer much more to be working in DISPLAY at this moment, rather than writing this).

I believe nobody will want you to ask for permission in a public vote
before each upload.

Maybe because there are TOO MANY uploads? C'mon, I agree with you in many of your changes, and am also grateful for your typo notifications.

It is nice that you always ask Bernd, me and a few others
for opinions about changes. But then, you can still upload the changed list
at once (also easier to read than first having to unzip the new HTML and
put them in a directory with the used CSS from another source) - for those
points where we disagree, you can always change the list again later when
you will be updating it again anyway.

Eric please MIND THIS that I have repeated more than three times already in private: I have NO ACCESS rights to the server where the list is uploaded.
I volunteer to do the uploads myself if access is granted to me, that's all I can offer.
BUT I will only do this if you promise NOT to send change reports more than TWICE a month. So you accumulate all of them in a notepad file, and you send it to me, and that's it.

Modifications, typos, etc (some come from Eric) are always welcome, but specially welcome when ALL of them (say 20) are listed AFTER one official release, and not when they come by twos every week

You said yourself that you would update the list weekly, if I write more
often than that you can of course wait with reading to reduce actual update
processing frequency ;-).

I prefer that YOU keep the changes and send in ONE file, because I may miss one of those thousand of messages ;-)

if you just pick the bugs at bugzilla and start patching, or if you take the TODO list, but not to directly modify it, but to convert the missing features into "ready".

I did, it only did not show up on the official list yet.

Ok, badly expressed. In short: patch and code, don't care about the list EVERY SINGLE day ;-

Note that
I have also uploaded the "hard to test bugs" list and the translated
exitcode list, which you had sent to Bernd for upload anyway (okay, you
had sent them for review, but as nobody complained, they were ready for
actual upload).

This is ok, rest of people would know about this in a time short I guess.


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