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Hi Jim,

>I see that you've edited the html files you linked to ... they are now 
>completely broken for email addresses.

At the very beginning, say 8 years before the Internet still quiet
healthy and no need to mask the email address, but now things going to
the worse direction and never return.

I know US made a law to fight SPAM and someone arrested already, but
too bad this WON'T happen in other countries such as CHINA.

>I personally _hate_ that method of "hiding" email addresses.  If you 
>want to hide the email address, don't include a "mailto:"; link.  You've 
>made these "mailto:"; links, but replaced "@" with "(^^)" in the same 
>Eric Auer style - so they are broken now.  That's stupid, IMO.

I don't like this. But I've to let the other know how to contact me,
and those crazy ripping engine is working as good as they want.

You think that's stupid, so do I. But we become a victim that keep
receiving SPAM and junk mail, most of them even meaningless!

>If you don't want the email addresses visible, you should turn them into 
>plain text.  For example, not:

I think your way is better, no "mailto:";, just plain text.
Not convenient but at least work.

>You could additionally replace the "@" with the ascii code for it, as 
>Eric sometimes does.  A spam email harvester cannot distinguish the 
>above email address(es) from any other html text on the page.  Yet a 
>user will know they are email addresses, and can copy/paste the address 
>into their email.

We have to discuss and finalize a "informal standard" way of email.
It's better than everyone decide their own way and creating multiple
standards, bringing up more trouble.


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