You write that you have WinXP/Win9x/Linux/FreeBSD, so I am pretty
sure that you do have a boot manager. So just go ahead and install
FreeDOS and SYS that partition, even if it is not C: or primary
master in any way. Then tell your boot manager that, to load DOS,
the boot sector of that partition has to be used.

The only problem with this is: If you use a FAT32 FreeDOS kernel,
the fdconfig.sys - or if none found config.sys - file will be
searched on the C: partition in terms of Win9x (first FAT32 partition
on first disk). If you use a FAT16 kernel, FAT32 partitions will be
completely ignored, so drive letters will change accordingly.

As FreeDOS will ignore c:\config.sys if it finds a c:\fdconfig.sys,
there should be no problem with Win9x and FreeDOS sharing the C: FAT32
drive. For autoexec, you can tell FreeCOM something like:
SHELL=c:\freedos\bin\command.com c:\freedos\bin /e:512 /p=c:\fdauto.bat
      --------------             --------------           -------------
so it should be easy to stay out of the way of Win9x again. Do not
try to "SYS over Win9x" or Win9x will not be bootable until you run
Win9x SYS again. Just SYS the drive letter where most of FreeDOS is
installed, and tell your boot manager to boot that for DOS. Still,
the fdconfig.sys file has to be on C:, whatever is called C: depending
on which DOS kernel you use.


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