Ok, so I goofed up big time!!! Time to ask for HAAALLLP!!! :) 

I guess I was sleepy, or maybe the instructions really weren't clear --
I dunno -- when I went through the installation program yesterday,
FreeDOS installed itself fine and all, and towards the end asked me
whether it should install the bootsector. I told it to go ahead --
assuming it would ask me *which drive* to install the bootsector to --
but it didnt, and cooly went ahead and installed onto my C: ... meaning,
poof went my Windows XP bootsector! heehe! :) 

(My machine has a primary master with Windows 98, FreeBSD, Windows XP,
and Linux. Was installing FreeDOS to a primary partition on the
secondary master. Am using GRUB as my bootloader). 

Is there any way I can restore the XP bootsector? I did a brief check on
the net (at night, while I was still sleepy) and found some pages that
said I could use the Windows XP CD and go into repair mode and use the
FIXMBR command. I did that, but nothing seems to have changed. Coz my
MBR is still intact -- GRUB hasn't budged -- and my C: bootsector is
still FreeDOS. 

I will try again in the evening, but now while I am at work and can't do
anything but wait, I thought I'd ask here if there are any alternate
suggestions. Suppose the FIXMBR command doesn't work, how can I restore
the Windows XP bootsector? Just for the record, I have Linux and FreeBSD
too installed ... incase there are any tricks I can do using those. And
oh, I have a startup floppy too, which is what I am now using to boot
into Windows XP. :)

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