Hi all,
    I have a really hard problem I have not been able to solve
involving a FreeDOS system. We have several sites with a barebones PC
running FreeDOS which are used to control a piece of industrial
equipment. This equipment is in turn operated by a proprietary piece
of software which is heavily copy protected. This means we can make
very little changes to the system. We need to dial into these units
and get one data file each day.
     However, these units are operated by industrial workers with poor
computer skills, and we cannot exit or "break out" of the software
program without rebooting the PC (this is antiquated software, and
made for a "kiosk" type mode usage).
   My solution was to use a autoexec.bat style commandline program
which would run at bootup in morning, dial out, send the file (about
250k, never gets bigger), then run the other software. But all the
units are in the same timezone and would probably dial out at same
time each day, meaning some of them would not get through each day due
to busy signals, and we could not have them waiting for the software
to get through, these units need to boot fast and get to the kiosk
software fast for production.
     My other solution was a TSR program which could be run from
autoexec.bat. scripted to run at a specific time.
     Or run a BBS type terminal on each one and dial into them from a
central server.
     Either way I cannot seem to find any ole DOS programs which fit
this bill and work within out limitations.
     Any ideas out there from some other old skoolers? :)

     PS. I tried Laptalk from Dunfield Developent, but its seems to
crash our units,  and we tried to just use the DSZ protocol driver
from Omen Technologies, which can be scripted to do this, but our
scripts never would work with consistent behavior.


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