3-Авг-2004 19:25 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (John Price) wrote to Eric Auer

>> I assume that given the right BIOS CMOS setup the PCI card will
>> simply work with all DOS programs.
JP> True, but how does a DOS program know what IRQ and port to
JP> use?  Can it use one of the predefined ones(4,3,4,3 &
JP> 2e8,3e8,2f8,3f8) or will it be some other unusual combo?

     By default, UART IO addresses you may get from BIOS data area at 0:400
(four word for four UARTs). IRQ usually assumed: COM1=COM3=IRQ4,
COM2=COM4=IRQ3. Unfortunately, there is not well known standard way, how to
detect real assigned IRQ to (legacy) hardware, but in some cases this is
possible. For example, COMTEST from CuteMouse package (tries to) detect
IRQs, assigned to UARTs.

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