Hi Arkady,
you can do even more: with a boot loader (lilo, grub, WinXP one...)
you can boot FreeDOS from any partition on any sane int 13h device
which is in FAT12/16/32 format. HOWEVER, the kernel will always search
the config file on A: (if booted from ANY floppy) or C: (if booted from
ANY harddisk), NOT on the current drive.

The good point: The kernel does not even have to exist on a FAT drive!
You can load a FAT16-only kernel from a FAT32 disk with a FAT32 boot
loader, and it will search the config file on the first (as in "according
to DOS drive letter numbering, which you can toggle between 2 possible
styles with help of SYS CONFIG, the drive C:") FAT12/FAT16 harddisk

The bad point: You need at least 1 file on C: even if the rest of
FreeDOS is installed on another harddisk drive letter. Together with
Tyler I recently developed a quick and dirty patch where the config
file can contain a (processed in "0th pass") BOOTDRIVE=X line which
makes FreeDOS select drive X: and load the config file from there for
the other passes. Trying to find the partition which contained the
kernel would be a bonus but if the search FAILS, there must still be the
fallback "search config file on C:".


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