10-Авг-2004 16:48 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Bernd Blaauw) wrote to

BB> I remember instances with the PowerQuest BootMagic program (a bootloader)
BB> where problems occurred. You could set multiple primary partitions active.
BB> Disk1, multiple primary partitions, FAT filesystem.

     Note: some disk managers place records in the partition table in
reverse order, so result of drive letter assignment is unpredictable.

BB> Say primary partition 2 contains MSDOS..but..you also make primary
BB> partition 1 visible.
BB> In that case, you boot from primary partition #2 (active), but primary
BB> partition #1 is actually C (#2 will be D:).

     Hm. Which version of MS-DOS you mean? Unfortunately, nowhere clearly
documented, which partition will be C: under MS-DOS - first primary
partition or first _active_ primary partition.

BB> Thus, MSDOS failed to find COMMAND.COM

     Does it present on C:?

BB> Does FreeDOS kernel handle this situation?

     No special handling, just place command.com into C:.

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