>> Does FreeDos work along with windows 98se?  Forgive me if this is an
ignorant question, but it is!  I do not wish to remain ignorant!  Thanks!

I hadn't thought about that in those exact words.

There is a dual boot procedure developed that would allow a person to
actually select which OS at boot time. I.e. FreeDOS or MS-DOS.

If you select FreeDOS you wouldn't be able to boot Windows 98SE GUI, so in
that regards it wouldn't 'work along with' Windows 98SE.

On the other hand suppose you were running Windows 98SE. You could from
within Windows run the FreeDOS command.com and configure paths, variables
and FreeDOS utilities. From this perspective a person could have sort of a
"FreeDOS session" within Windows 98SE.

A person could also run 'pure' FreeDOS from within Windows 98 using
'Bochs', a freeware open source emulator. If you did this you really could
run FreeDOS along with Windows 98SE. 

TIP: If you want to use Bochs, I highly recommend the shareware WinImage as
a support tool for making life with Bochs much easier. Bochs uses drive
images and WinImage can move files in and out of those images and much more.


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