Hi, I created a new DOS version of DOSFSCK 2.10, based on the
original 2.10 sources, Imre's and Lucho's 2.10 DOS port, my
own 2.8 DOS port, and FreeDOS FORMAT's Lock_Unlock_Drive function.
The changed files (excuse the sloppy packaging) can be found on
(temporary location).

Features of this version:

- should still compile in Linux
- hopefully a cleaner patch compared to the other DOS ports
- selects either small FAT1x, FAT1x 32+ MB, or FAT32 disk access
  functions, depending on disk size (no FAT1x disk write yet, so
  I temporarily use Imre's FAT32 disk write for all FAT types,
  which will fail for non-FAT32 kernels)
- locks / unlocks the drive (needed for DOS 7+), but does not yet
  make sure to unlock in case of unexpected abortion
- DOS disk access functions avoid repeated malloc/free cycles and
  FAT1x disk read functions use one sector static buffer space to
  avoid duplicate accesses
- should still handle disk images (max 2 GB size on FreeDOS, and
  alledgedly 4 GB on full FAT32 kernels, "infinite" size on Linux)
- fixed a wrong comment about zapping dir entries in LFN.c
- contains own types.h and msdos_fs.h and Makefile.dos files for convenience

I hope those patches have chances to become part of dosfstools in the future...

Cheers, Eric.

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