Hi, I placed an updated and now "properly packaged" (FreeDOS directory         
structure and including all files including help.txt, rerror capture of
dosfsck --help screen) version of my DOS port of dosfsck 2.10 on:
http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/stuff/soft/by-others/ dosdosfsck-2.10b.zip

Purposes / features: A tool similar to CHKDSK / SCANDISK which can
automatically or interactively scan and repair filesystems, including
"simulate changes" second pass feature (-V). The -v option means verbose
mode, and only if -a (auto) or -r (repair) options are given changes will
be made (prompts you before really writing). Also has a surface scan and
drop / undelete modes, but most important feature is: It supports ALL kinds
of FAT: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, on real DOS / Win disks (locking supported,
although it fails to unlock if you abort it or if it crashes) and disk
images (can have long file names, max 2 GB size in DOS, 4 GB on FAT32 Win,
"infinite" size on Linux).

This port should compile in DOS (use GNU make -f Makefile.dos) without
breaking Linux compilability of the source code (notice that you have to
drop the files into dosfstools directory structure, with Makefile and
version.h in one directory and another Makefile and all the rest in a
subdirectory "dosfsck/" for that, or simply use dosfstools 2.10 directly).
Use DJGPP and GNU make to compile. The zip contains msdos_fs.h and types.h
for DOS (normally you would have them in the global include directory in
Linux, but DOS uses special versions). Contains some small fixes (fsinfo
magic in boot.c, comment fix in lfn.c, basename() used in help screen)
and should be more versatile than 2.8-fat32 (Eric) and 2.10a (Imre/Lucho).
Correct disk read / write functions are autodetected for all FAT types.

Happy testing.

[BCCing romat * hodek.net, probably the correct NEW address,
 although the dosfstools 2.10 official download doesn't mention it yet!
 Uhm, romaN * hodek.net of course ;-)]

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