Hi, I collected some bigger amount of notes about several CACHES FOR DOS
on: http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/stuff/soft/specials/cachenotes.txt
(you can find the discussed caches in your MS/DR/FreeDOS and on:
http://www.bookcase.com/library/software/msdos.util.disk.html ...).

The main summary table:

Summary (# = has unique features, + = includes bonus programs, $ = raw
int 15 memory supported as well), excluding DCACHE/PC-KWIK (because they
seem to be not really useful...). Note that 35SEC is ONLY for floppy.
Unique: COMBI includes RAMDISK, ICACHE can cache CD-ROM (PS: CDRCACHE
is a free CD-ROM ONLY cache for 386+/XMS), CCACHE has reentrant ASPI
driver. SMARTDRV supports CD-ROM, too. Some caches can use hardware EMS
and run on all 8086/8088 or newer CPUs (EMM386 can only run on 386 or
newer, but there is a slow EMM286 XMS to EMS converter somewhere...).

Name    Delayed Write   Read-   Hot- Freeze Floppy/need Cost max. RAM
        Write   Combine Ahead   key         no changel. USD  MBy/type(s)
CACHE2   -      -       -       -    -      -/-         0    0.5 DOS(!)
EMMCACHE -      -       -       -    -      -/-         0    32  EMS
ADCACHE  yes    -       yes     -    -      -/-         15   32  EMS
QUICKCA+ yes    yes     yes     -    yes    yes/yes     25   1.6 EMS/XMS
Combi can run on a 286 CPU:
COMBI#   yes    ???     ???     -    -      -/-         30   14  XMS
All caches below this line need a 386 or newer CPU:
HYPERDS+ yes    ???     yes     yes  -      yes/yes     20   63? EMS/XMS
CCACHE#  yes    ???     yes     -    yes    yes/???     30   64  EMS/XMS$
I_CACHE# yes    yes     yes     yes  -      yes/yes     25   16  XMS
35SEC#   yes    yes     yes     yes  -      yes/???     10   1.5 ???
Some more modern caches:
SMARTDR# yes    ???     ???     -    -      yes/???     ???  32? EMS/XMS?
NWCACHE  yes    yes     yes     -    -      yes/yes     ???  8?  EMS/XMS$
LBACACHE -      ...     yes     -    ...    yes/...     0    32  XMS

SMARTDRV and NWCACHE are part of MS and Novell/Caldera/DR DOS respectively.
A 286+ version of CCACHE is available as separate download somewhere.

Freeze feature in LBAcache is only partially implemented (no user
interface - I think a CCACHE style interface would be nice, please let
me know your opinion! eric * coli.uni-sb.de). Write combine and "need
no floppy change line" can be implemented if there is serious interest.
LBAcache can cache CHS and LBA harddisks (max 2 TB size!). SMARTDRV can
cache - in newer versions - all FAT disks of all sizes at DOS driver level
but also has some support for BIOS disk access caching (afaik). More or
less all other abovementioned caches do only BIOS disk access caching.
As best free general purpose caches, I recommend EMMCACHE and LBAcache.
Best shareware caches seem to be COMBI, HYPERDISK, I_CACHE, CCACHE.

Enjoy! And please send feedback, thanks.


[News item posted... remind me to post items for LBAcache (TICKLE update),
FORMAT (5.25in fix) and MODE (update for new DISPLAY) as soon as those are 
ready... still waiting for some TICKLE feedback from Erwin ;-)...]

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