A gadget for the FreeDOS internetters:

NwDsk-Arachne bootflop: browsing with full packaged 
Arachne 1.75 from bootflop using NwDsk's generic 
packet driver layer setup on FreeDOS core. Boot it
and see the FreeDOS-homepage appear, nicely 
rendered by Arachne running from your bootflop.

Get Fd16ara.exe from http://www.veder.com/nwdsk/#images

On the generic packet driver layer (odipkt on 16-bit ODI nic
drivers) of the NwDsk base I loaded the lastest Archne 1.75
(unaltered) from http://www.cisnet.com/glennmcc/ar175gpl/
NwDsk will autodetect your nic from the 11 widely used nic 
drivers on diskette and autostart Arachne (without user-
intervention if DHCP is installed on your network). When your
nic is not recognized run WHAT1632.BAT (included on the 
diskette) which will show the available drivers for your nic. 
Get them from http://www.veder.com/nwdsk/#niclist16 
(choose only 16-bit ODI drivers !) and put them in place of 
the current drivers in A:\Lib\Odi16. Run ARACHNE.BAT to 
rerun Arachne, run SETUP.BAT to force new setup of Arachne.



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