on Tuesday the entry was moved from General Info into Using FreeDOS, hence, the URL is now:


Hello Jim, is it possible to omit the category from the URLs in the browsers, so one captures just >>?faq=7<< and the server is acting like using the "Find faq # XYZ" form?

I suppose, yes, I could modify the FAQtrack to do that. However, I've been asked to make a number of hand-edits to the FAQ items in the past (usually a request to obfuscate someone's email address, at the request of Eric) and I've started to wonder whether it would be better to use a tool on the SF site to manage our FAQ. I've emailed the FD-DOC list about this back in July, didn't get a reply, and re-sent the same message to FD-DOC about 30 minutes ago.

I think it might be better to move the FAQ into the SF toolset rather than try to maintain our own FAQ tools.


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