Uploaded to ftp://ftp.devoresoftware.com/downloads is the file share.zip. It contains a modified SHARE.C and uncompressed SHARE.COM executable.

The changes to SHARE align it with the behavior expected from a DOS 7 share utility by removing several conditions which previously returned an error. Specifically, this version of SHARE allows BreadBox Ensemble Lite to run with it loaded. Older version would generate a critical error. This was because FreeDOS reported itself as DOS 7.x, but didn't act that way with SHARE. There may be -- and probably are -- other applications besides Ensemble Lite with the same problem. This should fix those as well.

In addition to the SHARE.C source code changes, I've included a basic compile to SHARE.COM for those who don't want to rebuild it themselves from Eric Auer's site files and the revised SHARE.C. The maintainer of SHARE may want to pick this revision up and hopefully approve the changes, but I'm not clear who that really is. Eric Auer is listed as maintainer, but said his version of SHARE was proof of concept for changing it to a COM file and doesn't know internals on it.

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