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PM> 1.  I tried to play a game "gorilla.bas" on freedos with qbasic. It runs
PM> very                slow. Is it exepcted due to some shortcomings of freedos
PM> or I have to                     modify certain configuration ?

     What mean "slow"? Is it slower than under MS-DOS? And which hardware
you have (CPU, I mean)?

I would ask: are you booting FreeDOS in a "DOS box" of some kind, such as VMWare or DOSEmu? Or are you running this on a PC that's booted into FreeDOS? Running inside an emulator _may_ induce a delay, especially with sound.

However, do remember that this is Microsoft QBASIC, intended to run on Microsoft MS-DOS 5/6. I don't know how well QBASIC "plays" with other DOSes, but Microsoft does have a nasty habit of locking in their products to their operating systems. That may apply to QBASIC & MS-DOS.

PM> 2. Are Freedos-drivers for "winmodem" available on net? I want to use a PM> 56.6k soft-modem with Arachne.

     Unfortunately, you can't use _any_ _win_modem under any DOS, because
such stump of real modems require software support and their developers
distribute usually only drivers for Windows. With most winmodems you even
can't work under Linux by same reason.

Yes you can. At the very least, older USR winmodems are supported. Check this page:

And this next bit is offtopic, but ... while many winmodems are not (yet) supported under Linux, many of them are. For example, my IBM Thinkpad has an Agere winmodem. I don't use the modem (I have 802.11 in my house) but I was able to download an Agere driver for Linux. My wife's IBM Thinkpad has a Lucent LTWinmodem, and we were able to find a Linux driver for that, as well. Other winmodems are similarly supported under Linux.

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