So I think both of them reached a certain level of stability, say 84% of M$-DOS

;-) So we have only 16% left now ;-)

We need a new Victor Vlasenko to integrate LFN support in the kernel.

IMHO, LFN is a high priority task because we can really replace some Windows application by FreeDOS.

I agree. It's not accident that the ROM-DOS kernel supports LFNs.

FreeDOS is best for low level hardware access such as hard disk maintenance. I can imagine in future I use Lucho's ROMDISK to boot and rescue my hard disk's data, wipe away all the virus, spyware, defrag, backup, etc.

As Federico Felini said, "The visionary is the only true realist!" ;-)

Unfortunately ROMDSK works only with older BIOSes. Newer ones no longer support ISA option ROMs, so ROMDSK must be wrapped in a PCI option ROM, which is much more complex to do.

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