Hi, before we re-invent the wheel again, we should first try to get
DOSLFN working with FreeDOS again. Jason writes that DOSLFN uses the
FAT32 sector I/O functions for FAT32 enabled kernels for ALL drives
in DOSLFN 0.33, and he thinks that DOS should be clever enough for
that. In other words, he thinks that FreeDOS has a compatibility issue.
DOSLFN 0.32, on the other hand, dynamically selected the FAT1x or the
FAT32 API depending on the partition type for each drive (as far as I
remember), which meant very slightly more complex code. LFNs as a separate
driver are better than LFNs as part of the kernel if you ask me. Somewhat
harder to implement but LFN in the kernel would make the kernel much
bigger and you never know if MS might eventually insist on their LFN-
related patents. Making DOSLFN non-freeware (-> license costs to MS...)
would be much easier than making FreeDOS kernel non-free in such a case.

Jason is not planning to drop FreeDOS support, but he thinks that a bug
in FreeDOS causes the 0.33 problems. Somehow reminds me of the FreeCOM
vs. 2035a problems recently :-P.

[BCCing Jason... thread is about DOSLFN causing troubles with FreeDOS
and about possibly including LFN support in the kernel. Particular problems:
Ramdisks only work with 0.32/older and directory entries get trashed if the
filesystem runs full in some cases(?)...]


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