Hi, I finally added the updated TICKLE (separately available 2 weeks ago)
to the LBAcache download. So TICKLEHD.COM is no longer needed, TICKLE.COM
can do both floppy and harddisk. Read TICKLE /? output and the lbacache
and ticklehd documentation.

There is an update in LBAcache as well: you have now the COOL, MELT / HEAT
(both mean the same) and TEMP commands. They display the normal STAT data
but also display a count of frozen cache elements (not sectors: freeze /
lock state always affects whole elements). The COOL option lowers the
"cache temperature": All sectors which you access in cool state will be
locked into the cache (it will try to avoid to forget them). The MELT
option has the opposite effect: All sectors which you access in melt
state will have their lock protection removed. Finally the TEMP option
returns the cache to normal "temperature": All locked and normal cache
elements stay locked and normal cache elements, unless the cache gets so
full that even locked elements have to be forgotten (happens less with
the TUNA mode, you may want to experiment with this).

The basic idea is that you do something like:
1. load the cache
2. lbacache cool
3. dir \ /s > nul
4. (or alternatively to 3.) chkdsk c: > nul
5. lbacache temp
6. now directory and FAT data is kept in the cache longer. The not-yet-
   used part of the cache acts as usual, but chances to have directory
   data still in cache later should be bigger than usual now.

See lbacache.txt for other explanation - the new cache temperature control
options are not mentioned in the /? help screen. Let me know if they are
useful for you. Thanks.


>>> http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/stuff/soft/ lbacache-01sep2004.zip
(remove the space to get the actual URL)

PS: Temperature control should affect all loaded instances even if more than 1.

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