Eric Auer wrote:

Hi Andy, we found that RBIL is indeed wrong: Sector numbers are
actually 0 based for int 25/26, and the FreeDOS kernel treats
them as 0 based, too. You should debug your program a bit
interactively. It will be interesting to find out why FreeDOS
needs the "DIR" first. Please compare a few kernel versions to
find out if all or only a few are affected by this strange

COMDRIVE strangeness ist the other way round by the way: DIR
statistics are broken, but you can even do a DOSFSCK on the
remote drive without serious problems. BOOTFIX is happy, too.
Maybe drive change (away from default A:) is not reflected in
all of the remote drive status in FreeDOS - but even in PC DOS
things do not work smoothly. I hope that some experts will
eventually read and comment my analysis (another thread, on the
freedos-kernel list) and find some workaround.

For interactivity, contact me on ICQ or join the #freedos IRC
on ...

Best, Eric.


I added some instructions to print some possible error codes after the
call to int 25h with A: drive selected. The error code I get is: 0207h.
And that's something I don't understand. Because from what I read in the
Interrupt List, this code should only be returned when partitions are
bigger then 32MB. And I don't use floppy disks bigger than 1.44MB.

Could it be perhaps some compatibility problems with this service
routine compared to MS-DOS? (I'm not subscribed to the freedos-kernel list)


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