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(NOTE: this is a copy of my infamous post, but this time WITHOUT the attachment; I hope we all don't get it three times later)
(The attachment was a zip-ed BMP image (around 10KB) of Paintbrush over Windows 3.1 over FreeDOS)



From time to time I like testing how far we've gone with FreeDOS, and a
good way to know is to test MS-Windows compatibility.
First of all, Windows in the enhanced mode (WIN /3) does not work,
(first it says that 32BDA can't be enabled, because DOS 3.20 version is
required, I wonder why it complains, if reported version is 7.10), and
the final obtained message is "This version of DOS cannot be accepted",
irrespective of the VERSION= setting of CONFIG.SYS, thus it's quite
likely that the true DOS version is checked.
The testings were made with a 386DX machine, running FreeDOS kenel 2035
FAT32. 2035 stable and 2035a unstable (posted by Lucho) were tested,
with no apparent change of situation. Mouse was NOT present in my
testings. Microsoft's HIMEM was used.
The version of Windows tested is Windows 3.1 in Spanish. Some of the GRP
files that the Program Manager needs were missing (and this was
interesting for the test).

I know that other people (e.g. Eric) posted about Windows working, I
just wanted to give a hint.

At a first glance, it seemed not to work: the complaining dialog by
Program Manager of the missing GRP files seemed to lock the file:
keyboard was irresponsive.
However, if you make the change
in the adequate section of SYSTEM.INI (that is, replace the Windows
shell from Program Manager to File Manager), then WinFile boots
normally, and seems to work well. Further, if you open ProgMan.exe, the
dialog complaining about the missing GRP files is responsive to
keyboard. Some other programs (NOTEPAD, WINHELP, WINVER) seem to work
well as well.

Happy windowing over FreeDOS...


PS: Attached picture is quite lame, it is as much as I could do without
a mouse and with a poor screen resolution. Yet it is true ;-)

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