Hi Angela,
you should look on the web for ways to "unhide" the MS DOS which is
still there in WinME: Win95, Win98 and WinME are all using DOS to get
started. It is only that WinME does not want that you use DOS...
As WinME uses a FAT filesystem, you should be able to
- save the boot sector of WinME to a file
- install FreeDOS on C:
- install MetaKern with menu options for FreeDOS and WinME on C:,
  using the saved boot sector from WinME for the WinME boot option.

As FreeDOS looks for fdconfig sys first and only tries config sys if
no fdconfig sys is found, you can keep (if it exists) the WinME config sys
and autoexec bat separate from the FreeDOS ones. So you can even have:
WinME, WinME-MSDOS *and* FreeDOS
all on one disk - if you "unhide" the MS DOS of WinME and then install
FreeDOS as described above.

Apart from fdconfig sys and the kernel, no files HAVE to be on C:, so
if your C: is too full, you can install most of FreeDOS on D: or another
drive letter. You can use /p=filename in the SHELL line in your fdconfig sys
(which should point to FreeCOM command com, NOT to MS command com!) to let
FreeDOS use another file instead of autoexec bat.
The kernel does not have to be on C: either, but installing the boot
sector and boot menu properly to allow having the kernel on another drive
would be a bit tricky in combination with WinME.

MetaKern installation / boot sector saving is not really trivial,
but if you install from the CD-ROM of FreeDOS (there should be an
updated version soon) it should happen more or less automatically.
Please ask Bernd Blaauw (bblaauw X home.nl, replace the X by @...)
about his "new CD-ROM" agenda and about MetaKern. And feel free to
ask me about boot sector saving and MetaKern usage.

Or maybe just start by unhiding WinME DOS and look if that is already
good enough. Another popular method for using DOS games is DOSBox,
which simulates both a PC and a DOS, and which can be run as a window
in Linux or Windows (whichever you prefer). However, many people tell
the DOSBox database which games run THERE - so please tell US if the
games run in FreeDOS as well! Thanks ;-).
You can download the ODIN one-diskette version of FreeDOS for that
purpose: Just boot from diskette, no need to install on harddisk.
It is unconfigured by default, but a sample autoexec / config is
included. You can adjust it for your purposes and enable it.

Greetings, Eric.

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