i made a boot floppy from fdos1440.img (dd if=fdos1440.img of=/dev/fd0a) and when i 
booted from that disket it asked me something (forgot) with 1 or 2 to choose i pressed 
(since the first one was with 386something) then i just got a "Kick!" on the screen.
i cant use ctr-alt-del , even if i tun on and off the pc it just says now "kick!".
of course i removed the floppy disk but still "kick!", now i even removed the hdd and 
still *sigh* i get a "kick!" on my screen.

does anybody has a idea how to get rid of that (i need to use this pc for a "showcase" 
soon, and just wanted to replace the old msdos with fdos) ?

thanks a lot

p.s.: the pc is a Toshiba T1600 Model 20

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