Hi Markus,

> no, since i get "kick!" like i turn the pc on and get "kick!"
> doesn't even try to access the fdd or the hdd i think this
> "kick!" is stored somewhere now in a battery buffered area,
> like even if i remove the power plug and then turn it on again,
> it goes STRAIGT to kick doesn't show me the memory test or this
> "bios message" or the first blinking of fdd or hdd when u
> usualy tun on the pc...

>> another solution is to remove the METAKERN.SYS from the
>> diskette, and rename KERNEL.SYS into METAKERN.SYS that should
>> allow you to boot the diskette.

> doesn't work to. see above :)

I have run into a problem similar to this problem on my Thinkpad - the
system was refusing to reboot and the power button was putting the
system into suspend mode.  My fix was to remove the battery from the
laptop for 60 seconds then put the battery back in and turn the laptop
on.  Problem went away.  On an older laptop I would have pushed the
reset button in back but this newer thinkpad does not have a reset

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