Hi, can you give more details about your install attempt?
There should be an installer boot floppy, and this should
let you enter floppy install mode if none of the following is found:
- CD ROM of beta 9
- ISO image of beta 9 on harddisk
- contents of beta 9 CD on harddisk
... but of course you could use any software to transfer the ISO
to the harddisk before starting to install. Use the MINI (does not
unzip sources) install option in text / monochrome mode (it seems
that the VGA installer is not extremely stable, and I do not know
if 10 MB RAM are enough for it, but would be interesting to try).
You can use FileMaven to transfer files between DOS boxes.
Or use LSPPP in SLIP or PLIP mode, and a link cable. Then use a DOS
FTP or SCP/SFTP (e.g. sshdos) or HTTP (e.g. lynx or wget?) client
to download the non-base packages.
Actually Bernd or Jeremy should have ONE big zip with many non-base
packages in one collection somewhere, but I fear that that did not
get updated after beta 8 :-(. And there are several big packages:
SEAL, OpenGEM, OpenWatcom, SETEDIT, Arachne, DJGPP (should be in the
complier category lang - if not, we should add it!). You might run
out of space on the 40 MB harddisk if you install all those.

Now about your main problem: FreeDOS does not boot after installation.
Please check if you have C: on a primary partition ("hda1 ... hda4" somewhere)
and if you have marked that partition as active / bootable. The rest should
be done automatically by the installer, but you can also use SYS manually
after booting FreeDOS from floppy. You could even use my Perl version of the
boot sector writing part of SYS (limited but still might be useful for some

If you want faster feedback, feel free to ICQ me or join #freedos on the
irc.i7c.org server ;-).


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