On Tue, 2004-10-12 at 02:08, Satan Satanist wrote:
> Hi,

Hmmm interesting name Running Windows Server 2003 it figures.

> please guide me on this way,
> i want to run DOS under domain of windows 2003 server,
> so i tried this software,but i don't know how to
> start!?
> please tell me if there is any way.

Well the best place to find that information is "World of Windows
Networking" they have an article on connecting a DOS client to a Windows
NT Server Domain. http://www.wown.com/articles_tutorials/dosclnt3.html

A Windows 2003 server *should* be similar,

One thing under FreeDOS is you don't want to load the network card high
using the FreeDOS EMM386 because it does not fully support VDS and so in
my experience will cause the client to crash.

Paul Berger

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