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13-ÐÐÑ-2004 17:26 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Arne Eckmann) wrote to "Arkady V.Belousov"

AE> I'm sorry to trouble you with this. FreeDOS really need to have an official
AE> address to which unsuspecting people like I can address our anger,
AE> disappointments, frustrations and legal-claims.


I disagree. There is no channel to communicate anger, and even less for legal claims. Arkady cleared very well the legal issues. Respect to the anger and such, you can obviously post, but most probably you are not likely to get any help, because it will upset people that mostly contribute their spare time to build the operating system. And that is why we choose a license by which noone can be legally liable of any damage produced. If you use FreeDOS or Linux or any other GPL-ed software, *you* are the only responsible.
Disappointments and frustrations? well, try.
Having said that, if a gentle (that is, anger free) communication channel is opened (that is what the list is for), we are most likely open to try and patch the bugs, for which report we are welcome (and a tool, bugzilla, available, appart from the user list). Furthermore response and patch times are usually shorter than for commercial software.
Finally, I am not into the thread (in fact, Arkady's messages are the only ones I have seen about this topic), so I don't know very well what's going on, but if Arkady is right, you seemed not to choose the correct disk to be download. I agree that perhaps there are parts of the FreeDOS project that are not well documented, but the install process and instructions is NOT one of those (I know well because I invest much of my time translating those docs into Spanish), please are you sure that you have read all the accompaining documentation, readme files, etc? (appart from the license file). Writing those takes a substantial amount of time, and that's what they are actually for: so that you get sure that you won't have problems of misuse with what you are doing.
My apologies if that all sounded rude, it wasn't my intention. I just posted this message because I thought that the story about legal issues is worth to be posted and reposted to leave things clear.

Best wishes,

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