13-Окт-2004 14:19 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (David Williams) wrote to "Arkady
V.Belousov" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

DW> I'm trying to use Nero and make a Bootable Image of FREEDOS so I can use
DW> that to recovery
DW> Windows Cripled Machines.. Upgrade Bios.. and such..  I followed the
DW> instructions and retrieved the
DW> Cd Image and burnt the CD. .and on bootup of my Aptivia.. It crashed with
DW> the info below...

     Well, first, let make sure who is wrong: this machine is incompatible
with FreeDOS or something wrong with your burned image on CD. For this, I
recommend to make bootable _diskette_ and try to boot from it (booting from
CD imitates diskette, but this imitation may be broken on your Aptiva).

DW> Maybe the Burn did not go well...   NERO does that correctly if you use the
DW> Image Copy right? Maybe it's a bad IMAGE...

>>      Which is configureation of your machine? Which kernel version shown at
>> startup? Which contents of your config.sys and autexec.bat? What mean
>> "copyright BIOS reported 0 sectors/track"? At which time displayed message
>> about Invalid Opcode (and then about MCB chain corrupt)?

     And you not answer these questions.

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