Hi, I tested SmallBasic.sourceforge.net with some old QBASIC and GWBASIC .bas
files, here a short list of things which did not work:
... WIDTH, OUT, LPTINT, SHELL, " signs in REM lines (if non-balanced, which
should not matter inside REMarks), SHELL, PALETTE, SCREEN, probably others.

Some things which do work are LOCATE and INKEY$ and INPUT$(1)... so I was
able to run a short implementation of A.K.Dwedneys "Wator" toroidial planet
with some fish, plancton and sharks, but got a stack underflow at some point.
Although there are only 2 nested levels of GOSUB, no recursion at all.
Some syntactic variants of OPEN are not supported by SmallBASIC.

Feel free to forward this to some SmallBASIC forum or maintainer, or
maybe even write some plugin / patch to improve compatibility (although
the FAQ explicitly states that SmallBASIC is similar but not compatible
to QBASIC). By the way, as SmallBASIC does not even support "name:" style
labels, I assume you should better compare it to a 32bit GWBASIC...
The DOS binary is 758k big but UPXes to 212 kilobytes.You might want to reanimate the 
BWBasic enhancement project as an
alternative. BWBasic is an ugly (in terms of source code) BASIC with
the enhanced syntax which you know from QBASIC and others but with only
very few library functions. At some point, we started writing graphics /
text mode / sound support for it, but the project never really reached
an interesting level. As a side effect, you can now compile BWBASIC even
in Turbo C 2 (but the Linux gcc version is "smoother").

PS: Both wired_gr and clarkg (addresses mentioned in the Changes file)
bounced, but maybe you can mail riessb usa net (Bob Riess).


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