On Sat, 2004-10-09 at 19:07, Steve Nickolas - Using Windoze wrote:
> Ian McCall wrote:
> > I should probably reveal the purpose I have in mind for this box - it's 
> > for use as a C64 transfer mechanism. I have an adapter cable which lets 
> > me use an ancient Commodore 1541 floppy drive as a PC peripheral, but 
> > the software which uses it requires DOS. The idea is to dedicate this 
> > old laptop to the task (turns out to be an 8Mb RAM P150). Debian will be 
> > used to FTP the C64 disk images down, then FreeDOS will be used to 
> > transfer the images onto a genuine 5 1/4" C64 disk via StarCommander and 
> > this XE1541 adaptor cable. The whole lot will then be run on a C64 and 
> > retro gaming goodness will ensue.
> Love those C64s... XD I need to get me one somewhere, all I've got is my 
> PCs and an Apple //e. XD

Well I have 5 C= 64 (one scavanged for partss) I've picked up a a local
thrift store over the past couple years plus a non-funcional SX-64
portable that I have not looked into as of yet.  I have fond memories of
them ... I've been looked for a Apple IIe Plus, but they are pretty
rare, and I'm not a fanatic.

Paul Berger

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