The Beta9 Distribution has been released, and can be found at below mentioned URL untill Jim Hall offers it from the webpage.

if you experience any problems, don't hesitate to send an electronic mail to the mailinglists.
if anyone needs a different disk format, please indicate so, and I'll create those disks on request.

one warning though: please be carefull at the "formatting" screen. The distro attempts to determine if your disk needs to be formatted.
wrong use can cause data loss. Formatting is only needed if you have no data on your drive C: in DOS.


Bernd Blaauw


bootable cdrom (10MB):

bootdisk image (for computer which cannot boot from cdrom, 1.44MB)

the 1.44MB diskette version (7 disks total, BASE and sources)

please have a look at the following readme-files:

some links in these documents refer to a location 'beta9-final', but that's older version, so take care you only download files from

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