18-Окт-2004 12:43 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Giulio Sorrentino) wrote to

>>GS> freedos work on fat16 or fat32: fat16 can see at max 4 gb, fat32 40.
>>     Wrong answer(s). First at all, FAT32 limited to 2Tb (two terrabytes),
GS> NTFS Is limited to 2 or 4 TB (i don't remember), FAT 32 to 40 GB.
GS> But i've read that freedos supports more than 4(0) gb: has freedos team
GS> modified them?

     First at all: please, include into quote only relevent part, not all
original letter, including service parts. Second: _FAT32_ is _not_ limited
to 40 Gb. This limitation may be applied to some rude operating system, but
FAT32 _file system_ itself is limited by 2 Tb.

     Easy arithmetics: 32-bit FAT entries mean 2^32 clusters (4G) clusters.
With 32 kb (2^15) for each cluster, we may have 2^47 bytes (read: 128 Tb).
But remember, that sector counters in file system descriptors limited to 32
bits and this restricts FAT32 by 512 bytes*2^32=2^41 bytes (2 Tb).

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