Using dosemu-1.2.2-1.i386.rpm on RedHat 7.3 without X server (but having
installed the XFree86-libs-4.1.0-3.i3862.rpm library package in order to
solve the dependencies), I managed to get all to work, except for a big
drawback : launching executable programs (.exe) is VERY low ! Up to 5 mn to
launch a 1 Mb application and getting to the menu (it was immediate using
dosemu version 1.01), after what all seems to run normally, even for
programs using a lot of overlays.

Context : I'm logged as root and using dosemu as root. The same happens in
console mode directly from ther server and through SSH using Putty from a
Windows workstation. The server is a 2.4 GHz Celeron  with 256 Mb RAM.

Other problem, perhaps linked to the previous one : as soon as a DOS
executable program is running, the dosemu.bin process suddenly uses 99% of
the processor resources and keeps on that way, even if the DOS application
program is totally idle.

I tried to fix the problem by changing the $_hogthreshold parameter in
dosemu.conf : neither value that I tried changed anything (0, 1 and 10).

Has anyone encoutered an maybe solved this problem and/or has any hint about
it ?

Thank You.

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