Jondavey schreef:

Hi, I`ve just installed a free-dos on a 486 that I have. The version is
"ripcord" and I`ve just installed a fdos 1440 image from floppy so far. I
have a problem. The floppy drive isn`t working. Obviousily the board can see
the drive cause it installed from there but I can`t cd to A:\ for installing
software. I am new to this but I do know haw to access the flopy drive from
the command line and it`s nothing to do with the hardware configuration.
Could someone give me some advise?.
Jon Davey.

'cd to A:' ?

just type A:
can you enter the following command please: VER /R
so we can see how old your FreeDOS is (post the output on this mailinglist)?


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