Hey all,
I've updated Edit to version 0.82 and have fixed a lot of bugs and made some additional improvements to it, such as the ability to load a blank file on startup or not.
I've decided and ADAMANT about not adding these features:
1) Version number in titlebar.  You should know what verison you are using if you were smart enough to download it.  Also, if you're not smart enough, look in Help|About.  This is not difficult and fairly common of almost EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF SOFTWARE CREATED.
2) I'm not putting a ridiculous keyboard shortcut in the title of 1 SINGLE WINDOW IN THE ENTIRE FREAKIN' PROGRAM.  See second part of number 1.
3) As far as the disk write-protection error goes: I don't know about this, because on the machine I'm testing it on, it works (albiet this is an MS system, not a FreeDOS system) -- which leads me to believe that this could possibly be a kernel problem.
4) As of right now, /H DOES NOT WORK.  It does not work, has not worked and unless someone wants to write an algorithm to determine the maximum number of lines a screen can handle (not which one it is currently set at), it'll just sit there.
I will still welcome all bug reports and for you people who can't take constructive criticism (you know who you are) just email me your worthless dribble off the list...I'm already waiting for it so it wont come as a big shock to me when you start bitching and complaining to me.

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