I was wondering if anyone knows a good benchmarking application that would work on ALL 

Most of the modern benchmarking tools only work on Pentium+ machines, and they are all 
written for Win32/DirectX.
The ancient benchmarks, on the other hand, work on old systems, but do funny things on 
the modern machines of today.

What I would need:

I need a DOS app that stresses the CPU (and preferably some other components too), 
that works on my i8088 XT processor
as well as on my Pentium 4. It should be possible to compare both marks. It doesn't 
need to be GPL'd, but it really has
to be freeware, of course!

Writing my own:

Yes, I could write my own. It isn't really that difficult to write a simple benchmark 
tool. I know that, but writing a
good one, on the other hand, is a little bit more complex. And if there is one 
available, than I won't bother inventing
a new one.



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