Hi, normally you RETURN to the DOS prompt when you leave a program.
The DOS prompt is done by command.com ...

However, e.g. in Windows, you can START a new instance of command.com
to get a new DOS prompt window.

You can only edit text files with text editors in DOS, everything
else is only suitable for very short files of a few lines: You
can do "copy con file.txt" to type a file (no editing, just type it)
and you can do "echo sometext > file.txt" to create a file with one
line and "echo sometext >> file.txt" to add a line to a text file.

And please change the subject line to either the subject line of the
message to which you want to reply or to something which explains
what your mail has as topic. "Freedos-user digest, Vol 1 #287 - 1 msg"
does not tell me anything about what the mail might contain.


PS: To stop typing in "copy con..." mode, press F6 or Ctrl-Z (and
before and after that, hit the return or enter key).

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