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Hi, forwarding a message from Wolfgang Hesseler:

QuickView Pro for DOS used to crash under FreeDOS. This was
because of an incompatibilily of the DOS extender ZRDX. I switched to
the extender DOS32A in the last version. Could you please test if
there are any problems remaining with it under FreeDOS?
The latest version 2.54 can be downloaded under

The old version crashed when you LEFT QV (returned to the DOS prompt)
and then tried to continue to do other DOS things. The idea is that
this should no longer happen with DOS32A as DOS extender instead of ZRDX.

Per prior messages, QV has been working with FreeDOS for several months now and tested successfully to clear all pending problem reports on that topic. No recent reports of incompatibility have surfaced. DOS32A may not even be required, depending on which version of ZRDX was used -- as various ZRDX versions had fatal bugs up to 0.5<something>(?) but gained stability in final ZRDX release(s). Archived message diving should give additional detail.

Scratch "Probably" in the Sb: and place "Yes" to get the answer.

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